Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Crossover Vehicle Comparison What Would Be The Best "crossover" Vehicle For My Needs?

What would be the best "crossover" vehicle for my needs? - crossover vehicle comparison

I'm used to driving a truck, but I'm tired of using the lousy fuel economy and very rare when a truck anyway. But we need to do something that can Hual things (no wood to 12 feet) from Lowe's or Home Depot, to these opportunities. I love my turn has led to some tools (the very handy from time to time). I drive about 40 miles (roundtrip) to go to work. Although not here to do the roads ice up very often still have to drive a solid car when it occurs) (because of my work. I can also to tow a trailer utility small (approximately EUR 1000 is estimated, I believe).

Finally, I would say fuel consumption, utility and reliability are without doubt the most important factors. It looks good and "wow" factor would be a plus, but not huge on my radar. . .

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