Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Retail Hell Stories Retail Stories...?

Retail Stories...? - retail hell stories

Well, those who work or worked in a shop, people know how they are idiots ... Can shares available to an client or customer story hell ???... stuipd Running ...

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Girls M said...

No matter how stupid or rude, the customer again and again. We had a customer from hell screaming down the street, which had received the worst service in this store (which went into the shop and everyone was too busy with other clients they serve). The next time she was treated as if it was the only one. Treat them as if they were the only ones that count, no matter what, no matter how small, is the price to pay to treat them as if the purchase is the best selling point on this day. They always have a customer from hell, just the other customers in the store, they believe that the customer has received the best service and the customer was wrong, her mouth just not always a bad customer gross loans to other customers, or they believe that the client was justified in his actions.

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