Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Diabetes Skin Problems Can You Have Diabetes And Still Feel Healthy And Normal? Please Help Me!?

Can you have diabetes and still feel healthy and normal? Please help me!? - diabetes skin problems

My father has diabetes. I think I would have.

I have severe acne, I think I read that diabetes can lead to skin problems.

I have trouble enough sleep and fatigue is a symptom.

Likely to urinate more than most people.

Normally, I always like a glass of tea or water.

This may be one of the people who come and test for every disease there is will. I go and I do not know if I'm going to waste no time or doctors. I have skin problems so bad, the other symptoms are doubtful. I'm not so sure. Should I cancel my order or not.

I feel normal except the pain of my acne.

Please share any information.


SheAn said...

They are certainly symptoms (although I'm not sure about acne, what I've heard, it never), and if you have an appointment, you should go. that something may be different, but it never hurts to be sure. You are not wasting the doctors time.

can feel good and still a diabetic, you will know for sure. better, with the certainty that, if .. handle can know, and if not, then you will find anything that could cause the symptoms.

andrea said...

I doubt that you have diabetes, can have diabetes and without obvious symptoms, at least since the beginning. But if your father has diabetes have an increased risk of developing diabetes. The thing about diabetes is that there are many things you can do to prevent or retard if you do not place your order. Have you checked to make sure. And tell your doctor what you can do to prevent diseases (such as healthy diet, exercise, stress reduction, etc.) ..

Lindsay said...

Almost no one doubts that you have diabetes and skin problems such as acne are symptoms of diabetes, but the fatigue can be a symptom.

xrvax said...

What type of diabetes you have your father, who has?
There are 2 types.

Diabetes can cause acne, but generally is, where is your blood sugar under control. But also, how old are you? This might also consider

The best thing to do, go to your doctor and ask if you can not be a test for glucose in 1 hour. Make waiting a very sweet drink, an hour, then do a blood test. Normally, you should get results, with a few days. It is better to know as soon as possible, because if you have diabetes, and untreated for some time, it can cause long term health problems.

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