Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mtg Card List Advice For Red/blue MTG Deck? (list)?

Advice for red/blue MTG deck? (list)? - mtg card list

Country: Iceland 7, 8 mountain forests 6th (some are red / green blue / green)

Area Total: 21

Banish Moments / Other: Puncture Blast, Dream Fracture, crack, Mirror Sheen, Inside Out, confusing Assault, Shard Volley not recruit too, Ember Gale, vain thoughts, absent-minded thieves, Fortune, the awkwardness of the dust, the idea of reflection.

Total other cards Instant / 15

Artifacts: Ward of Bones, Fang Skulkin (creature / artifact.

Artifacts Total: 2

Hateflayer increases Mimic Battlegate Giant, Cinder Pyromancer, Spitemare, pugnacious pup, River Falls Mimic, Bridge Breaker Noggle leads huge Razorfin Doomgape destructive funnel steam Merrow levitation Loamdragger Giant, Cold-Eyed Selkie, Scuzzback Marauders, Golf Crusher Murkfiend Liege Fulminator magician, Leech Bonder, Dream Thief, Indigo Faerie, War-Spike Changling.

Creatures Total: 23

Tips on what to do? Why replace? I'll let you know if my card, I have about 100 more than the same.

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Bill C said...

If you are a Highlander format (which can can only play 1) up to 4 of the same card in a pack of MTG. Then you need to have an issue that the reporting should be developed. I do not see a theme here, but could in different directions, what I see to be sent.

Battlegate Mimic is only good if you creatures, red and white or red / white hybrid play. His ability Leig better with light, fire at will, the belligerent young and maps of this kind I want to be associated and to eliminate pacification Creature / neutralization with shocks.
Countryside Crusher is an excellent card. It must be with Crucible of Worlds and Terramorphic be combined extension to the big breakers. It goes well with your assistant Fulminator ground and their opponents are vulnerable, while yours continue to grow.

I will not be too long, but you seem to have many ideas in one package, so you try to stick to a decision about what you want to take cover in its entirety.

Hope this helps.

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