Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fire Hydrant Sign Fire Hydrant Parking Dilemma?

Fire hydrant parking dilemma? - fire hydrant sign

My husband has a ticket for parking by a hydrant near $ 100. We have just moved into a duplex this weekend and there is a fire hydrant in our front yard, my husband parked his car on the side of our house with 5 feet of the muzzle and the right of the starts.he we can not park road behind my car, because it is on the sidewalk. How do we know that he be 15 feet (he saw only online) on the sidewalk is not checked and no sign of any kind (from a fire hydrant yellow). Is there a way to fight it? It is really ridiculous, we had no idea and pay for something they do not know it's crazy.


Rambo said...

I sat down with the mayor, city council, and he who listens! I think we could get a hearing and some form of permission, is ridiculous.

Me said...

Bite The Dust, in this case. Hydrants should not be labeled (depletion of parking spaces for disabled people), so that the breach of performance. The law was for the fire departments in emergencies. As will be to put out fires when they all park in front of the hydrant? Think about it ... just pay the fine and not to park there.

Rock Firestorm said...

What may sound absurd, should ignore the law. You lose if you have struggled with this page, and then jump on you. They make you say uneducated to fight, but believe me, then you have lost. You only pay the fine and learn from their mistakes.

My Evil Twin said...

The hydrant of the law is a local code.
Hydrant laws vary from one municipality to another, which applies in your community, can be applied in other areas.

Take the ticket to court and says the judge.
It can not but agree with you.
It happens.

Missy Doo said...

No way to fight terrorism. Parking 15 meters from the mouth is a rule path need to know before you start driving. Like many other standards. You only pay the bill and the park below.

patrick said...

You can not park out of 5 "away from a hydrant. Period.
No matter who is in front of your house, what color, or when you exit your room.
Pay the fine, and he park.

NOBAMA said...

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Sorry.

NOBAMA said...

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Sorry.

Sparky said...

A little clarification is needed to answer correctly. It was the car on the street on the side of "home, or was parked in his yard?" I think I was on the road. If yes, is good, then you are probably good with the pay. I saw in the parking lot are designed to allow parking within 15 feet on one side. Finally, the Fire Department usually does not lead to a lawn with their trucks to fight the fire.
It never hurts to court to contest the fine. In your case, make sure that these documents show that the judge had only housing moves. You can also represent a serious warning.

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