Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big Stomach Sign Of Autism Is Light Bleeding A Couple Days Before Expected Period A Sign Of Pregnancy?

Is light bleeding a couple days before expected period a sign of pregnancy? - big stomach sign of autism

I want my period starts tomorrow, and always on time, but a few weeks ago I had brown discharge and then she went on that day, so I thought nothing of it. But yesterday I started to recognize brown / pink discharge. He stops and starts and sometimes later, is now a little heavier (but lighter) and redder, but stopped and turned to brown spots and pink, sometimes nothing at all ... I have also started to cry little things today. Yesterday I had slight abdominal cramps and menstrual cramps I've ever ... these are great characters, I'm pregnant, or may be just an unusual time?


chasity said...

The paranoia of thinking that you are pregnant, you have different symptoms such as. Recently, when I was pregnant, but I later learned that not, I thought it was stressting then I had a feeling of pain, the time after symptoms heavier than you.

disturbi... said...

HUN your time. You do not bleed when they are applied, certainly not Preggo. You can also capricious, because it is so close to your time. I begin Moody, before the coming of my period.

=] said...

to be pregnant .. Pass a stress test done about it, because usually below emphasis on early pregnancy causes symptoms.

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