Saturday, February 13, 2010

Can One Person Sail A Boat How Big Of A Sail Boat Can One Person Sail Comfortable On Their Own?

How big of a sail boat can one person sail comfortable on their own? - can one person sail a boat

I ask because I want to live aboard a sailboat, now I'm a student, and I size that is comfortable, but still manageable.


John said...

You can craft with more than 40 meters deep to sail with one hand. You will be a sail furling, autopilot, electric anchor winch and all lines to the cockpit, have near the head, where a person can lead all operations at the bar. I have over 35 foot sailboat from me with ease. If you are well taken, even docking is a walk in itself, even in a boat of 40-45 feet. I think if they are bigger than that, you will need an additional force to dock only by the size of the boat.

Vasco Pyjama said...

If this is your first boat, I suggest you with the boat about 30 feet long. This is comfortable for you to stay too long and yet not too big to handle alone. Equipped with a retractable wheels and a bow with automatic control lines again just inside the cabin, a boat of this size should be fitted for a novice sailor with a few good tips for self-control.

Good luck!

Richard C said...

I agree with John that a sailboat experianced can handle boats up to 50 meters if ..... and it is a big problem, the boat is equipped with one-time delivery. However, if a car can vary, is that very few boats, both physically and mentally capable of a boat of this size would. It is much more likely if the ship is in her thirties, I like the Beneteau 39th The new boats l989 and later say, are designed for speed and livibility. These boats are about $ 145K today on the market. Looks like someone is relatively young, so I learn as much as possible in a slightly smaller boat, before it great. Good luck!

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