Saturday, February 20, 2010

Condom Size Between Regular And Magnum Condom Advice? Size, Brand...?

Condom advice? Size, brand...? - condom size between regular and magnum

When I with my ex, was the first person I was having sex with, I just started regular use of condoms trojan enz. I had no idea if it means large or small, I never had the need to measure, I took it was average.

Now, after a couple of times, broke the condom. Twice.
It was a bit scared when I went to use the Magnum. I bought the kind of warming, and I was surprised in a couple of things:
- I came too fast with them, and
- It seemed too big.
For the first time, a magnum seemed too big, but we knew that others were too small. Of course, I think a man can be a little less or more each night, so I may be less "encouraging" since that night a few times, they adapt well, but I had the heater go.
We have tried to ultra-thin, and she loved it.

Anyway, I do not know if there may be a size condom size between normal and Magnum? Different brands?
Is there a way to get a variety pack so much?


#Drew# said...

Jeez. Member of Nice came. Since it is more than average and its scope so, maybe try the Magnum and Magnum XL-L or stick. Have fun.

Virgin ♥ Cutie said...

That's not really my thing, condoms found in my old age, but I would try another store. Or online encyclopedia.

krimbob1... said...

Condoms are for D-bags ... bare back is where he is.

Everybody's Favorite said...

Hey, are Trojans like a bunch of rubber. Can not stand 'em.
Tip: Lifestyles sensitive. These are our favorites. They are thin but strong, and does not irritate me. The packaging is purple, if you're wondering what exactly.
Durex packages usually have the variety in all shops in my area. They are good, but I'm not a big fan of them, because they use the lubricant irritates me.
If you think you medium that does not need extra large condoms. Condoms do not brake because he was too small. It slowed down due to lack of lubrication. If they are too big in fact rather break (because this type) are often the wrong way. If it is too small, feels tight and uncomfortable.
Try lubricants that are compatible with condoms to use. Thatis water-based lubricants like Astroglide, lubricants with silicon, but are harder to find. NOT oil-based lubricating oil or any other cause condoms to deteriorate.

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