Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Huge Carving Foam Looking For A Huge Piece Of Blue Foam To Carve?

Looking for a huge piece of blue foam to carve? - huge carving foam

Find the type of flotation or foam insulation that comes in a big block) at least 4 "x 48" x 20 "(hopefully more, depending on the price and you want to know what place to buy cheaper online.'s high, and people often used to make accessories and things. thank you!


rhino_ma... said...

Sale of blue foam board to Lowes or Home Depot, you can layer and make big blocks as large as you want.

Mojo said...

You can buy a large piece of white foam on the Home Depot and cut it into pieces. Just ordered parts to get the right shape global, or at. You can use spray adhesive glue them together and when it is dry, cut the hotel.

bebop_gr... said...

But do not use blue foam falling off the plane!

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