Monday, February 15, 2010

What Are The Best Settings For Taking Photos Model How Can I Take A Model Photo?

How can i take a model photo? - what are the best settings for taking photos model

I'll take a portfolio for a photography class mines, but you have to take pretty pictures of himself with a low level of non-professional cameras (I have a Kodak digital camera) have
it's almost every change of color (sepia, black & white, negative)

I wonder how I picture (serious happy sad, etc.)
So, what colors you have plans and the type of model photos

In other words, what do you think is a photo of the model and how I can be a professional with a camera.

Thank you:)))


Lena said...

Now, with a serious expression, but not the finding of guilt is important to make a good impression (at least what the pictures are beautiful / attractive to me)

Sepia, and I prefer black and white instead of color, if your in the grass with

Maybe even try a color scale, the same in black and white and the bottom of the peak

Photoshop can search the image professional with a camera of bad quality

Perhaps the eyeliner make-up fantasy, but nothing great, because IM guessing you want a natural for this type of AP

Settings: Forest treatment areas or outdoors in the grass or injections, if not the eye sees so that the camera is nice

Try this: Vaseline rubbed on the lashes and then put water on the tabs (drop it), it looks like rainand tabs for DDC

I have a good soothing music of the beautiful lullaby by Carter Burwell is a nice piece and very relaxing.
Model Photo: ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Good luck!

Magnolia said...

an image of the model ->>

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