Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vintage Holiday Zoom Ii Recently Bought A Vintage Mansfield Holiday Zoom Mm 8mm Movie Looking For Any Info:year Made,etc.?

Ii recently bought a vintage mansfield holiday zoom mm 8mm movie looking for any info:year made,etc.? - vintage holiday zoom

took the camera in a secondhand shop for about ten dollars. has an article about this # # 71,889. is in excellent condition, but missing the handle. I know theres no real monetary value, but I am a passionate collector of old equipment. I'm really just looking for information on this camera film .... Specifications Year .. etc. .. Any information would be shared apprecite. I have a few other cameras in the year looking for information about can not be found .... But eight cameras Revere fifty films model .... Argus C-3 and six guards Kodak Junior 16th thanks

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lare said...

8 standard, zoom, automatic exposure, I think 1964-1966. I do not think the zoom is also before 1964.

The Argus C3 was a 35mm Rangefinder camera, my first camera with color film Kodachrome 15 ASA f3.5 wide for photos of the day. Design very popular in 1950.

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