Friday, February 5, 2010

Ls Land Pics How Much Wilderness Land Remains In The Lower 48?

How much wilderness land remains in the lower 48? - ls land pics

What percentage of the land from agricultural and urban areas?

I am a regular participant in National Geographic, and I am from areas that are "touched" by a man (part of New Guinea, the Amazon, Siberia, Mongolia, the fascinating).

I walked through the fields in the United States and have realized that we are happy for such a large country. Much of the country if it is open or covered by the company - hence the previous question.

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tincoatr said...

I do not know if we can examine the whole country in 48, as the earth is still fully intact. Also places like Yellowstone and other protected places are paved paths for walking or driving a limited distance. It would be difficult to find a true desert region.

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